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What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance (also known as invoice factoring) is a way for a business to release money against the amounts due from its customers. It’s a great way to improve your business cash flow and working capital and is a great alternative to loans and fixed borrowing.

It’s a flexible option that can grow and change to meet your business needs.

Invoice finance helps businesses to reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could if they had to wait until their customers paid their balances in full.

How does invoice finance work?

Put simply, we do all the hard work for you! WeDo work with you to look at your client contracts, and terms, to make sure they’re appropriate and work for your business. Once that’s all sorted, you continue to supply your client with workers/services/goods as usual and agreed.

When you invoice your client, send us a copy of the invoice. Within a short period of time (usually hours!) we will send you up to 90% of the invoice total. Then, we verify the invoice and terms with your client and wait the 30-90 days for payment. Eventually, when your client pays us, we send you the 10% balanced owed, minus a small pre-agreed percentage for the service.

That’s it! It significantly reduces your operational costs, saves on high interest loans or borrowing, and has no impact on your credit rating.

Why should I work with WeDo for my invoice finance?

We know what you need; we’ve spent many years working in recruitment finance. Our senior management team brings over 100 years’ experience to the table and we have the skills and experience to support your business. We can help financially, technically, and strategically.

We’ve worked with loads of businesses over the years, helping them to cultivate and thrive. We know what recruitment businesses need to grow and we’ve worked with all shapes and sizes of organisations. The most important part of working together is a shared vision and trust in each other.

We have been where you are now and we have the experience in invoice finance, funding and business support to help you along the way.

Access money to support your business ambitions

You’ve got the contacts, knowhow and the workforce. We have the cash to support your ambitions. 

Whenever you win a new contract, we can make sure your cash keeps flowing and your contractors get paid quickly, even if you’ve agreed credit terms with your client. It’s the perfect option for start-ups and recruitment businesses who want to grow without the worry of overstretching their cash flow.

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