What is Back Office Support?

If you’ve decided to start up a recruitment business, we’re pretty certain that it wasn’t to do all the boring paperwork and admin! Outsourcing your Back Office Support frees up your time to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Our services give you the peace of mind to allow you to focus on recruiting, finalising sales and winning your new clients. Basically, we take care of your business admin so you can concentrate on making your new recruitment agency successful.

What does Back Office Support include?

At WeDo Finance, the Back Office Support we offer to you Includes Accounting, HR and Compliance, Contracts, Legal Advice, Insurances, Payroll and Payslips, Financial Support, Business Protection and more.

We want to make your recruitment business run smoothly, grow sustainably, and allow you to get out networking meeting your candidates and clients. We’ve got decades of experience in supporting recruitment businesses from the very beginning.

Do I need Back Office Support for my Recruitment business?

You set up your business to do what you’re good at – you’re a Recruiter. You’re an accomplished salesperson, a great relationship builder and you have an eye for talent and matching candidates to businesses. Your time needs to be spent building your business, not on the back-office administration.

The Recruitment industry is dynamic and fast-growing, but it’s also a challenging one to be a part of. Challenges your business might face can include Legislation, Payroll, Industry Compliance Requirements, Credit Control and HR Compliance.

Quite simply, the Back Office side of your business could easily take over going out and making the connections you need to make your business grow and thrive. We work to take away the burdens of administration and free you up to do what you are best at. Isn’t that why you started on your own?

Why should I choose WeDo Finance for my Back Office Support?

We’ve been around for a long time, working across a range of Recruitment Finance and Support businesses. Our management team brings over 100 years’ experience and have supported organisations of all sizes to flourish and grow. We’ve been there and done it, and that’s why we can offer the best service to businesses like yours.

We have expert knowledge of the Recruitment world and we know just what you need to keep your office (or virtual office) running smoothly, productively, and legally. We’ve worked with Recruitment Agencies to start their own journey, or some existing agencies who needed extra help, and we are actively learning and growing with them.

WeDo more than you’d expect with Recruitment businesses. Give us a Buzz today to see how we can work with you to get rid of the boring paperwork and free up your time!