“We’ve doubled our top line in under a year!”

Case Study – A to B Logistic Solutions

A To B Logistic Solutions are a same-day transport operator based in the North West, with a network of drivers across the UK. They take care of urgent customer requests for same-day deliveries. No job is too big or small, and they aim to have a driver at your collection point within one hour of booking.

We spoke to their Managing Director, Chris Williams, to find out how WeDo had supported his business, which he began in February 2020.

What challenges were you facing?

We have a large number of customers (500+) with a small average invoice price and so keeping on top of invoicing and payment dates is a task in itself! I am working hard to grow the business and to do that requires working capital, which is different with long payment terms. I needed to focus my time on business growth and ensuring our service was excellent, rather than chasing invoices.

How do you work with WeDo?

WeDo provide Invoice Factoring services for us. This is a service where they take over the chasing of invoices and debtors for us, too. This means our cashflow keeps flowing so we can pay our overheads. WeDo also work with us closely on any disapproved invoices – whether it be obtaining remittances or resending digital PODs.

We have also had funding from WeDo beyond the invoice factoring facility, and this has allowed us to take advantage of overpayments if requested. It has also meant that we could expand the number of vehicles on our Operators License with their financial backing – something we could not have done without WeDo.

Why did you choose to work with WeDo?

There are many providers out there but, when I spoke to Lee at WeDo, I found them to be more personable and relatable. The service can be tailored and personalised to what we need as we grow and their services have helped us grow phenomenally in as little as nine months.

“WeDo’s support, paired with a solid growth strategy, has enabled us to double our top line in under a year and we cannot thank them enough. We will continue to work with WeDo for the foreseeable.”

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