jaqui-walking for charity

Walking Out of Lockdown

WeDo know how tough lockdown restrictions have been for so many people.  Missing loved ones, feeling isolated, struggling to focus, sleep loss and facing future uncertainties.  After a huge feeling of accomplishment last year when WeDo completed the Lands’ End to John ‘O’ Groats challenge, we decided it was time to have another go!

Just like the spring flowers slowly emerging from the ground, the lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted. Who would have thought that meeting a friend for a coffee outside would be such a monumental occasion?

There are so many benefits to getting out in the fresh air, having sun on your face and keeping yourself active.  Not just physically, but mentally too. Walking can help reduce stress levels, lift our mood, boost vitamin D, improve memory, problem-solving abilities, and help us sleep better. When you complete this type of challenge as a team it also boosts moral and strengthens team spirit.

For our next challenged started on the 12th of March 2021, we will attempt The North Coast 500.  This is Scotland’s very own “Route 66”, crammed with some the best scenery Scotland has to offer. Our Challenge is 1,146,508 steps and we have 6 weeks to complete it.  The team will be walking it in their local areas and add their steps together to reach our collective goal by 23rd April 2021.

How have you kept your teams spirits up? We’d love to hear any of your lockdown tips and tricks but let’s hope this is the last but WeDo know it won’t be our last team challenge!