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Trends in UK Recruitment – Summer 2021.

There are many things you can plan to infinite details when running a recruitment business. It’s fair to say that the last year taught us that we certainly cannot plan for every eventuality!

While WeDo Finance cannot offer immunity from diseases or the impact of Brexit, we can work with recruitment agencies to help them survive and thrive through difficult periods. In an ever-changing market, we work quickly and efficiently to ensure that issues seen and felt by recruitment agencies are dealt with effectively. We know the industry you operate in and we work hard to ensure that our business model is tailored to suit you. With flexible finance options, working capital arrangements and back-office support, we can be there to make sure that you no longer feel like a cog in a large corporate machine.

Here are some of the trends we have noticed among our recruitment partners, do any of these ring true to you and your business? Let’s have a look at just a few of the key things we’re noticing following on from the Covid19 pandemic.

Planning for remote working.

Many of the recruitment businesses we work with are seeing a rapid increase of roles being offered with remote or home working opportunities. This was something many saw coming, albeit on a much gentler incline, due to the expectations of a new generation, but now it is a key priority. Is your agency prepared for the tasks of placing remote workers? Do you have an online payslip and payroll system? Are you aware of the HR and compliance implications involved? Our comprehensive recruitment agency Back Office solutions could help you to move quickly with the times.

Back office administration for temporary workers.

Many businesses suffered during the pandemic. Whilst the opportunities for furlough and grants were there for some, many business owners are looking to have a more flexible workforce and reduce ongoing costs. The public turned to online shopping in 2020 and that caused a surge of demand for warehouse workers, supply chain staff and distribution centre employees. It’s a competitive market, with some retailers and organisations seen more favourably than others, so the market is demanding and ever-changing. Is your agency set up to manage the administration and finance of temporary workers? Invoice financing improves your cash flow and working capital, has no impact on your credit rating and allows you to ensure your client contracts are in order and the terms are appropriate. Our invoice finance solutions are created for recruiters like you to thrive and grow during these changes.

Starting and funding your own Recruitment Agency.

Sadly, many recruitment consultants found themselves furloughed or out of work during the pandemic (especially with the seismic shifts in the market as mentioned above). Out of a negative could come a positive, though. Maybe this is the time to start your own recruitment business and reap the rewards of a fresh market. Utilise everything you have learned to grow your agency, without the hassle of paperwork, insurance, software, and funding. We offer a 100% risk-free funding option for start-up recruitment agencies just like yours. So whatever recruitment sector you work in, WeDo’s start-up finance solutions have everything you need to get your hive buzzing. With our ongoing support, you’ll never be on your own.

As we head back into some normality, reach out, give us a buzz, and see how we can work with you.
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