Recruitment Top Tips: How to place candidates quicker

Look in the dictionary under logistical nightmare and it may well be defined by these two words – temporary recruitment.

Recruitment firms have always found filling temporary contracts to be a challenge over the years, although they can be extremely lucrative.

There are a lot of contributing factors at play. By their very nature, temporary roles are often shift-based and offer a lower rate of pay.

Then there is the relentless pace at which they need to be filled. Permanent recruitment can take months, but jobs are filled in hours through temporary recruitment.

Throw in Brexit and The Great Resignation economic trend and there are even fewer workers to go around at this level.
So how can recruitment agencies place high turnover candidates quicker and build their temporary agencies?

We give our top tips to help succeed in this area and unlock new business growth.

Behind the scenes

Even the most talented temp recruiter in the world needs a slick and smooth administration process behind them to keep hitting targets.

Considering different workflows across the team and how it functions can improve the efficiency of the entire business. 

Bring your team members together to discuss how processes can be designed in an effort to trump any competitors – together. 

Winning new contracts, chasing overdue invoices and paying bills are time-sapping activities for any recruitment agency. 

Outsourcing your invoice finance to a dedicated finance provider like WeDo can also save crucial hours in the payment process as well as improving your company’s cash flow. 


Recruitment technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Thankfully, there’s no need to rely on whiteboards for monitoring candidates any more.

If your agency hasn’t moved with the times then you are missing out on business growth.
There are a vast range of recruitment tech platforms out there which can make a strategic approach more streamlined and keep your candidate pool full. 

Using automation tools is a way to remove administrative-based tasks from your staff and empower temporary workers at the same time. One example may be employees using self-service apps to indicate their availability for the next week. 

WeDo also offers a vast range of back office services, from HR and compliance to timesheets, taking away the time spent on dull paperwork.  Let us take care of payroll or accountancy as well as introduce you to our innovative recruitment technology. 


Taking time to look at what business strategies worked, and which did not, regularly is absolutely key to consistent improvement.

Thanks to technology on the market it is now easier than ever to take a deep dive into your business data, harvest those golden nuggets of information and then update a business plan. 

If these top tips have you chomping at the bit to start your own recruitment business, give us a buzz at the WeDo hive to see how we can help. Call 0330 900 500.