New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

Over recent years, the recruitment industry has adapted and changed to fit an evolving market. It’s so much more than sending CVs via email to the hiring managers. In the modern era, recruiters work with the client to find out about company culture, community, and soft skills a candidate will need to thrive in their workplace. In the long term, this saves so much more time – placing the right candidates into businesses where they will stay and progress.

How else can we positively move forward into the new year and stay ahead of the game in recruitment? Here are some new year’s resolutions for recruiters!

Unconscious Bias

As much as we all like to think we are open and supportive of everyone, we all have unconscious biases. Unconscious bias is a quick, often inaccurate, judgment based on limited facts and our own life experiences. People can be biased about just about anything — not just things like gender, sexuality, race, or age. It’s important to remember that unconscious bias is not intentional — it’s part of the lens through which we see the world. How can you tackle this?  Microsoft offer free online training that you could investigate as part of your development. Learning about your own biases will allow you to have a fresher look at candidates you are recruiting.

Follow your industry

Sure, the news can be pretty depressing, but taking the time to learn about what’s changing in the recruitment industry, and the industries you recruit for, will give you focus and help with your recruitment strategies. Set aside time at the start of your day to look into industry news and use it to start your day with focus. You could even follow some podcasts, we like the Recruiting Brainfood Podcast. Learning about your clients’ industries will show them that you take their work seriously and are aware of their current environment – that’s got to be a good thing, right?!

Reflect on your goals and set more

Take a look at your strategy and plan for the year. Look back at how it went last year and what you need to change or adapt to make 2022 even better. Remember not to be too disheartened if you haven’t achieved all of your business goals in 2021 – it’s been a super difficult year for our industry yet again. Sit down with a coffee and your strategy, including your finances and marketing, and set yourself new, realistic targets to propel your business.

Finally: Look after yourself

As well as learning new skills and techniques, we also need to remember to look after our mental health and wellbeing. You can read some top tips in our blog here.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022.