Mental Health & You

We work in an on-the-go industry. Our hours can be strange to offer candidates easier appointments, we can spend days sitting in endless lines of traffic on some grey motorway and we often find ourselves sending emails way past our bedtime or during our favourite TV shows. Recruitment is demanding and that’s why it’s important that we remember to look after our mental health.

Mental health is the term that covers your cognitive, emotional and behavioural wellbeing. Mental health refers to our mental wellbeing whether that be good or bad. We know we must look after our physical health by exercising, eating well and avoiding too many treats, but what about our mental health?

Mental health can affect your daily life, work, relationships, finances and even your physical health.

Here are a few tips to help you to invest in your mental wellbeing, as sometimes we all need reminding!


Getting enough sleep is crucial to feeling well, healthy, and strong in our physical and mental wellbeing. Having time to switch off before you go to bed can aid a better night’s sleep, you don’t always have to send that one more email! This article from Bupa says that getting plenty of sleep improves your attention and concentration, helps you to learn and looks after your emotional wellbeing.

Live in the here and now

While ‘mindfulness’ is something we all naturally possess, it is more readily available to us when we practice on a daily basis. We can be so wrapped up in the past and the future that sometimes we forget to be in the moment. Spend some time being aware of yourself in the present: Think about how your body feels, what your breathing is like, your thoughts and feelings. Research suggests this supports your brain functions and wellbeing. There is a lot of support online to help you on your mindfulness journey.

Keeping connected

As difficult as it may be sometimes, try to stay connected to the people you care about. Spending time with friends and family can improve your emotional wellbeing. Talking about how you feel, sometimes to distract you from your thoughts can also be helpful or offer another perspective. It is also important to notice when you need time to yourself, too.  You never have to apologise for giving yourself some time.

Be kind to yourself

Spend some time doing the things you enjoy. This could be hobbies, relaxing, learning something new or going for a walk. Giving yourself time allows you to learn more about yourself and what makes you happy.

Look after your body

 It’s easy to forget to look after yourself when you are busy or stressed. You must put the right food in to get better output. We all need to exercise regularly to improve blood flow and mental wellbeing. This gets harder in winter but with the dark nights still closing in, we all need a little more serotonin in our systems!

When your mental health hits a rough patch, there are ways to get support. You are not on your own and reaching out for support shows strength and courage. Here are some useful numbers you can call:

Samaritans 116 123

Shout 85258

CALM 0800 585858